Easily Implement a Law of Attraction System into Your Life and Stop Wasting Your Time with Manifestation Techniques that Don't Work.

Do you want to harness the power of The Law of Attraction?

You're about to discover the secrets that they didn't teach you in The Secret.

We’d like to extend a special, FREE offer called the My Perfect Day System.

In this system we’ll show you:

  • Why most people fail to get The Law of Attraction to work for them
  • The reason that coming up with a Life-Plan is essential before you master manifestation
  • How to install the routines and habits you need to get The Law of Attraction to work for you
  • How to use your own emotional guidance system to stay aligned to your desires
  • The 5 essential Law of Attraction apps to install on your phone right now

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Do you want to live an authentic and empowered life?

You're about to discover the secret of how to come up with an implementable plan for your life. We've created a step-by-step system for you to create a plan for your life that's simple and easy to install.

Our Core Scaffolding System Explained...

Installing this essential tool set into your life is the first step to becoming a:

Lifestyle Designer (n)
(i) someone that realizes they’re creating their own reality and feels empowered to live a true and authentic life.
(ii) Someone that chooses to live their life by design not by default.

  • My Perfect Day. Create a straight forward plan for your life in less than 2 hours.
  • The Factory.  A simpler way to understand how the Law of Attraction works.
  • Order Board.  A modern digital version of a vision-board so that you can harness the power of visualisation. 
  • Pre Game.  Your ultimate Law of Attraction morning routine, so that you can regain control your day.

Also, on the next page you'l find the answers you've been looking for to get unstuck and get rid of any limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back.

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What do Past Participants have to say?

"While sitting to create my "Perfect Day" I felt like 'Mary Poppins" jumping into a painting. Each word helped to take me into that moment, into the life I want to create for myself. The visualization helped create the emotion!"


"In January this year (2019) I was at a crossroads in my life. I felt a lack of flow and was confused about what I wanted to bring into my world. I didn’t know who I was, how I imagined my life, or what made me happy.

I implemented “Pregames”, gratitude and “orders for the day” and these routines gave me more clarity about what’s meaningful in my life and what I'm looking to bring into my world. I’m learning to appreciate the small things, being grateful, and a feeling of inner peace have all improved through these daily practices. 

Writing my Perfect Day felt like I designed my perfect life on four pages. The process helped me to be honest and get clear about the life I want to live. It feels powerful.

Thank you for the tools you taught me, it something which I'm carrying in my life daily that keeps me present, grateful and clear in this complex reality."


"In August 2018  I started to practice and implement the process of my morning ‘pregame’ including the practice of ‘placing my orders’ of what I desired. This meant actively meditating and visualising my order becoming a reality. The thought and visualisation of my abundance order: to live like a millionaire, became a reality!! (PS I didn’t win the Lotto ) my life is filled with abundance which allows me to live “just like a millionaire” - I travel,  I adventure, I explore, I love.


People who meet me are amazed that I manage to do all this without the “chains of insecurity” of a 9-5 contract of work. I have paid for my abundance order with the currency of “belief”. If you can believe it you can live it. I’m grateful for the support and processes learnt through the Live More Perfect Days platform."


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