​​5 Simple Steps to Simplify Communications In Your Intimate Relationships and Manifest Your Dream Partner.


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  • Show me how to use The Law of Attraction to manifest my dream partner or
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Every minute you wait to get "Lifestyle Design Level 1" is another minute you risk wasting more of your precious life unclear on what kind of partners you're manifesting.

Put the power of our "Lifestyle Design Level 1" to work for you so you can quickly and easily understand how to leverage The Law of Attraction to manifest your dream partner.

What's covered

Leverage The Law of Attraction
Manifest your dream partner and stop wasting your time on Tinder attracting the wrong partners into your life.

Develop clear and honest communication.
Build trust and intimacy and connect more deeply and with partners in your life.

Design my Perfect Day
Get clear on what a Perfect Day looks like for you. Dream into how a partnership would look in the best possible future version of your life.

Design a morning routine
Set up your day right and go out into the world each day vibrating with love and self-confidence

Live More Perfect Days community
Connect with a global community of Lifestyle Designers on the same journey as you. Learn, be inspired and be accountable to manifesting your dream partner.

Access Mindvault
Consume the best-curated content from our favourite love and relationship teachers so that you can deepen your learning of how to attract your dream partner.

here's what you get

what do past participants have to say...

​​Andy Coetzee​

​​"In August 2018  I started to practice and implement the process of my morning ‘pregame’ including the practice of ‘placing my orders’ of what I desired. This meant actively meditating and visualising my order becoming a reality. The thought and visualisation of my abundance order: to live like a millionaire, became a reality!! (PS I didn’t win the Lotto ) my life is filled with abundance which allows me to live “just like a millionaire” - I travel,  I adventure, I explore, I love.

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