From the #MyPerfectDay System:

3 Essential Steps to Master The Law of Attraction

You’re about to discover how to INSTALL A PROVEN SYSTEM in your daily routine to Master The Law of Attraction

In Today's Lesson You'll Learn:

The importance of identifying what you want to manifest in your life.

Identifying the details of what you want to show up in your life is the number one key to getting The Law of Attraction working for you.

How to understand the fundamentals of how The Law of Attraction works.

Most people who struggle to get The Law of Attraction to work for them don't have a clear understanding of how manifestation works.

Starting your day right with a PreGame is essential.

Changing the first 10 minutes of your day is easiest way to staying aligned to the things you're trying to attract into your world.

The importance of having a system to keep on track

Why you need a blueprint for your manifestation and Lifestyle Design journey to support the dreams you’re calling into your life.

The Ultimate Law of Attraction Support system YOU NEED to Master Manifestation and start living your most authentic and empowered life.​

Next, Install our Core Scaffolding system. This is our step-by-step system to get The Law of Attraction working in your life with consistency.

Most people that hear about The Law of Attraction NEVER get it to work for them consistently. 

Have you experienced this?

You got excited about manifestation, you take the time to think about the things that you want to manifest, maybe you make a vision board and even started the process of feeling gratitude for the things that you’re calling in. But, after a few weeks though it becomes an afterthought and your orders never show up. Or worse, you experience manifesting things that you don’t want showing up!

3 Reasons Why Things Don’t Show Up in Manifestation:


You haven’t been clear in what you’re calling in... 

Specifics matter when manifesting. 


You spend time worrying about the very things that you don't want...

Have you ever felt anxious about money, or that relationship you’re wanting to manifest?


You don’t have access to powerful tools... 

Tools like visualization, affirmations, and meditation are key to  integrating a consistent manifestation practice.

How do you solve this?

Our Core Scaffolding System addresses this in 3 easy to understand and implementable programs.

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Law of Attraction and Manifestation Simplified

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Setting up Technology to Support Daily Manifestation

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The Ultimate Law of Attraction Morning Routine

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Getting clear on what you want in your life is the #1 step. 

Clarity of your dreams needs to be supported by a thorough understanding of The Law of Attraction. For this, we’ve developed a program called “The Factory”. This our flagship program and a modern way to think about and understand The Law of Attraction. Think of your manifestations as placing orders with The Factory, and knowing that they show up in your life once you’ve paid for them in full. This is a no-nonsense program you can use to get The Law of Attraction working for you consistently.


An Order Board is a powerful new way to harness the power of visualization.

Once you understand placing your Orders with The Factory, your Order Board contains the action steps you need to bring your Orders into your life. We’ll share the same process that Gareth used to create his Order Board and bring $1, 000, 000 into his life!


The Ultimate Law of Attraction morning routine.

You’ve created your life plan. You understand how The Law of Attraction works. You’ve created your own OrderBoard and are harnessing the power of visualisation. Now you need to know how to set up your day each morning so that you can regain control of all the important elements of your life. Some of the world’s most successful people understand the importance of a morning routine - that why if you want to install new programs into your life you need to start your day with intention.

We value action takers and people that are committed to living an empowered life.

So, if you take action right now, in addition to The Core Scaffolding System we’ll also include the following:

4. The Law of Attraction & Manifestation Summit

Our private Facebook group where hundreds of Lifestyle designers share their tips, ideas and inspiration and where we host our monthly online Law of Attraction Summit.



5. LIFETIME ACCESS to the Live More Perfect Days Install Area

Our “members only” section at where you can connect with other lifestyle designers, access inspirational content, and create a customized learning experience for your own lifestyle design journey.



6. Keys to the MindVault

Our own digital library of all the best videos, blog posts, eBooks, and podcasts from around the web.  It includes work from the most influential teachers and lifestyle design practitioners we’ve found. Available to you on your smartphone whenever you want.



7. The Perfect Day Power Up

A powerful lifestyle design hack that layers the Perfect Day exercise you just did with a simple technology that will unlock new ways of integrating the Perfect Day exercise into your life.



So that's...

The Core Scaffolding System


Access to the Law of Attraction Summit


Lifetime Access to our Members-Only Area


Key to the MindVault


The Perfect Day Power Up




But if you take action before the timer expires below you get access to all of this for just $37.



Money Back Guarantee

Put this Core Scaffolding to The Test...

If the "Core Scaffolding" program doesn't show me exactly how to implement a powerful Law of Attraction morning routine… or if it fails to help me simplify my understanding manifestation or it doesn’t show me simple technologies to keep me aligned on my new lifestyle design journey, then I understand that I will receive a full refund.

No Questions Asked!

What Our Community Says About This System

My days are 100% better when I post and pregame! Thank you guys for this daily practice. Looking forward to seeing more outcomes! 

Luna  Lifestyle Designer

My biggest take away here is the breakdown of Belief into GRATITUDE, PATIENCE and PROGRESS. Looking at my Order Board is taking on a whole new perspectiv - thanks gents!

Ryan - Lifestyle Designer

I am so incredibly proud of my Perfect Day video. I am proud of me for even being open to sharing it with all you beautiful people. Loved this exercise.

Bronwyn - Lifestyle Designer

Install the Core Scaffolding System!

So if you want to stop wasting time on Law of Attraction techniques that don’t work, if you’re looking for actionable steps to create your ideal life, and if you want to break free from any limiting beliefs holding you back so that you can start living your most inspired and authentic life - grab our Core Scaffolding offer.

We can’t wait to help you create ease and flow in your life as you manifest the things that you want with regular consistency.

We’ll see you on the inside.