Dan Mace is a South African Youtuber doing amazing work with his "The Not Normal Show". The idea he had was to use his online following to help people with a seed they want to "germinate" into being.  A seed is an idea or project that someone wants to bring into the world!

Our work at Live More Perfect Days is also about helping people bring things that they want into existence so we pitched the following idea to Dan to work with him to help bring our seed to help 10,000 people design and live their Perfect Day.

Our strategy to connect with someone as busy as Dan:

  • We placed an Order for this to happen, starting with gratitude, visualisation and future-stating - (see the process so far here)
  • Then we wrote this letter, From Dan. (it was like he'd written the letter to us saying he wanted to collaborate with us!
  • Then we had someone in the US post the letter from NY to Texas, with Dan's address as the return to sender.
  • Then it got "returned to sender" so that Dan receives the letter that "he" wrote sending him to this page
  • Then he contacts us via this email and this becomes an #OrderDelivered and we fast track the #RoadToTenThousand.