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Success! You have your spot in our next FREE 7-Day LOA Pregame Challenge... Now what's next?

How does this Work?

  1. Make a decision to commit to this work then watch the "intention setting" video -> CLICK HERE
  2. Create space in your diary for the next 7 days, you will need 20 minutes per day to complete your daily tasks
  3. You have received a "Welcome email" to this program, click on the link "workbook" to download your workbook
  4. Join our Telegram Group, you can also find an accountability partner here and participate... share, ask questions and let us know how you are progressing with your challenge
  5. There will be a brief (10 minute) Live Stream session daily in our LOA FB Group - make sure to follow it so that you can receive your daily guidance and homework 
  6. Use your "workbook" to complete your tasks 
  7. Interact with us on Social Media, with the hashtag #MyPerfectDayChallenge and tag us @livemoreperfectdays
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Folow these steps:


We have a full workbook to support your journey this week. The workbook contains, links, prompts, guidelines, and additional content to support your journey this week. To install the workbook follow the steps below.

  • Create a free account at
  • Click here to load the free Trello app on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Then click here and follow the steps in the video to add the workbook to your Trello profile and access from everywhere!


We've got a private chat room for all of us going through this challenge together. Here you'll be able to share your ideas, get support, and connect directly with others on the program with you.

  • Create a free account at Telegram
  • That same page will link you to download the relevant app for your device.
  • Then click this link to join our private telegram group.


Each day we'll be sharing a video in this Facebook group. Make sure you're in the group. We're also going to be listing all the upcoming events of the week right here.

Next, we'll have a playlist of all the videos that you need right here - you can watch them directly in Facebook and complete your daily homework in your Digital Workbook.

STEP 4 - Get the next 7-day event details 

If you miss a daily Live Stream, watch the replay here

Subribe to our Social Media Channels

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What Our Community Says About This System

My days are 100% better when I post and pregame! Thank you guys for this daily practice. Looking forward to seeing more outcomes! 

Luna  Lifestyle Designer

My biggest take away here is the breakdown of Belief into GRATITUDE, PATIENCE and PROGRESS. Looking at my Order Board is taking on a whole new perspective - thanks gents!

Ryan - Lifestyle Designer

I am so incredibly proud of my Perfect Day video. I am proud of me for even being open to sharing it with all you beautiful people. Loved this exercise.

Bronwyn - Lifestyle Designer

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